Wednesday, 24 July 2013

 Microsoft has revealed the last form of its windows working framework windows 8.1 with bunches of new characteristic and the vast majority of them are undiscoverable by the group of onlookers.

So you should have seen in its past forms that when you take your rodent on right half of the screen then you will see an arrangement of menus pop out and one of them is begin menu, offer and so on assuming that you take your rodent on the right half of the screen you will see record of tiles of as of late opened applications. Provided that you are in an application and you need to close it down as you do with windows record wayfarer, yet lamentably there is not any mean with which you can do that .

What you can do is that minimizes the App then afterward opens an additional application or Go to desktop and does some other stuff. So the application will be in the left side record and provided that you need to close if then you can head off on the particular tile then you can do Right Click > Close and that application will be shut or you can likewise shut the application straightforwardly , you can swipe the application from the highest point of the screen and your application will be shut.

Be that as it may now in windows 8.1 there is basic and distinctive approach to handle the application. Swipe to close is not accessible in 8.1 in the event that you need to close the application you simply need to take after some straightforward step and you are carried out.

at the time you will click and drag application from the center upper corner of the screen then your application will be in the manifestation of a minor tile or we can say that will be in the little form of the application.
Just drag it to the lower corner of the screen and keep it there for some time until app flips itself to 180 degree and will regain its tile icon
You are carried out. Just discharge your rodent bind and you are carried out you will see that application has been executed.



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