Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How- to- bring -traffic- from- usa

How To Increase Blog Visitors From US:-

How- to- bring- traffic- from -usa
1)Use StumbleUpon: We all know Facebook comes in first place for bringing visitors to your blog.I also used Facebook for advertised my blog.

But also there is another social networking website named StumbleUpon who diverts real organic traffic from US to your blog.So if you want to promote your blog start using StumbleUpon.I sure you get good results(US visitors) from this website.
2)Submit Blog To Popular US Web Directories: This is the most useful tip to increase web traffic from US.So submit your blog to popular USA web directories.Below is the list to popular USA web directories.

1)USA Free List Web Directory
2)USA Free Website Directory
3)More Free USA Direcotires
3)Write Your Articles Related To US Audience: To attract more visitors from US you have to write about them or about that things they mostly like.

I suggested you to write on iPhone,Android Smartphones and apps.I also use this strategy on my blog also to increase traffic from the US.But it totally depends upon your blog niche.

Note: How to make a Successful Blog tip from top bloggers.

4)Get .us Domain For Your Website: The most successful and the easiest way to attract American audience, then we must buy a domain name. It appears pretty childish, but according to the facts it does brings bulks of US Target visitors to your blog or website. Sharing my personal experience after having a deep research, I purchased a domain name and thankfully the results were promising. I am certain it will not let you down just give it a try.
5)Advertised On Popular US Websites: This is also a great strategy to increase traffic from US.So choose some popular websites from US.And pay them some money for advertising.Sure you will get good result from this.
Remember: Choose website according to your blog niche.
6)Write Guest Post On US Websites: This is the best and natural idea to increase traffic fro US.So choose some popular US websites who accept guest post.And leave a link of your website in the guest post.Sure you will get good result.And get more traffic from US


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